The Joys Of Being An Art Tutor

The great moments, in teaching drawing and painting, come with the special achievements of the students on all levels. Most of those high points are produced in the realisation of new boundaries, breaking through to new levels of success and they come to beginners and the experienced alike.

For the beginner in drawing, following the instructions on observation, measuring and careful marking, producing the accurate definition of an object in space is huge. Often, they have sat before the subject feeling totally inadequate and have been convinced to push-on through their own disbelief. Their delight is palpable to both the fellow students and to me as the tutor.

For the experienced, there is always a new play of light, a testing texture, a sense of movement or some other nuance that they are seeking to represent in the latest test that they have set themselves. When they break through with a methodology, it is a brilliant shared learning for all in the class and for me personally.

The experience can only be enhanced by working in great studio spaces, at Tindalls and Sunny Arts Centre or at museums and galleries such as the V&A.