I also work with portraiture in all mediums. Capturing a character in a candid moment is the aim and can be in their work or leisure, showing serious intent or sheer fun.

Formal portraits are also available; to commemorate a special personal achievement or occasion, or appointment to a public position, for example. We can help arrange the photographic references and sitting as needed.

If the portrait is a surprise gift, I can work from photographic references alone, but it is best to have as much information as possible.

Newmarket, as the background to my career so far, has meant that horses figure in many of my works. I particularly like to express the special relationship of the horse and rider in training and riding out, or the owner with their animals (including dogs) and that connection they have.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, then please get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and what I will need to go forward.